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Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation

Tribal Native Plant Nursery

About CTUIR Tribal Native Plant Nursery

Our nursery is located on the Umatilla Indian Reservation near Mission, Oregon. We collect and propagate local ecotypes of native plants for use in shrub-steppe, grassland  and riparian habitat restoration projects. The Tribal Native Plant Nursery (TNPN) operates under the guidance of the CTUIR’s Department of Natural Resources, Wildlife Program, to provide locally adapted native plants for cultural and natural resource and wildlife and salmon habitat restoration projects within the areas of interest and influence of the CTUIR. Since establishment of the nursery facilities, the TNPN has provided several hundred thousand native hardwood shrubs and trees for riparian restoration projects. The TNPN serves the Umatilla Indian Reservation and the Occupied Lands of the CTUIR including the Umatilla, Walla Walla, Grande Ronde, and John Day River Basins and ultimately the Northwest. Additionally, TNPN is developing a small, commercial and retail presence to provide the opportunity for community members to take advantage of these same plants in their own gardens.


Mission Statement:

At the end of the day, we shall stand for excellence in natural resource conservation.


To provide vigorous, well-hardened, site-sourced native plants for restoration projects, using best practices to retain appropriate genetic diversity for each project.

Products and Services:

The Tribal Native Plant Nursery (TNPN) is a production native plant nursery. We collect wild seed on site, then pre-treat seed to overcome specific dormancy issues, we then grow plants in 10 cubic inch and larger containers for customer purchase and outplanting. We develop and refine pretreatments and stratification schedules for recalcitrant species. TNPN offers expert consultation on species selection, and planting.  Our nursery supplies local native plant species for use in restoration, mitigation, nativescaping, and xeriscaping.  We educate people, from CTUIR DNR to FFA students, Master Gardeners to CREP project managers through meetings, seminars, demonstrations, tours, and consultations.

Company History:

The Tribal Native Plant Nursery was first established in the mid 1990s to address the needs of conservation organizations, agencies and the tribes for locally adapted native plant materials needed in riparian habitat restoration projects. The Tribal Farm Committee (TFC) and Department of Economic and Community Development (DECD) in cooperation with the Tribal Fish and Wildlife Committee (FWC) and Department of Natural Resources worked to establish a native plant nursery at the CTUIR-owned “Duff” property near the junction of Highway 331 and Kirkpatrick Rd.  

In 2000, the FWC directed the DNR Fish and Wildlife Programs to take operational responsibility for a nursery to meet the restoration project needs of the CTUIR as well as its co-managers in the watersheds within the tribes’ jurisdiction where ongoing conservation efforts were being implemented. This includes the Umatilla, Walla Walla, John Day and Grande Ronde River Basins. Tribal DECD and DNR staff coordinated the development of this proposal to achieve the directive.

In the spring of 2005, DNR reorganized the nursery as a government supported non-profit enterprise and service organization in the wildlife program supporting the DNR and conservation partners in the restoration of native habitats.